About Us

Our Mission

Century Bank of the Ozarks provides excellence in financial services while reinvesting in the communities we serve.

Our History

Century Bank of the Ozarks is a family affair that had its beginning more than 100 years ago. James P. Harlin founded the bank, hired his brother Tan to manage it and opened for business on July 24, 1894 as Bank of Gainesville.

In 1896, Jim Harlin's 19 year old brother, John C. Harlin joined the business. Then in 1933, following graduation from high school, John C. Harlin's youngest son, Hugh T. Harlin joined his father in the bank. In 1934, Billye Key became Mrs. Hugh T. Harlin and a member of the staff of Bank of Gainesville.

Hugh and Billye’s son, John L. Harlin, joined the bank in 1966 and his son Chris became the fourth generation of the family to join the family business in 1993. Chris Harlin is now the Chief Executive Officer of Century Bank of the Ozarks and chairman of Century Bancshares. The name was changed to Century Bank of the Ozarks in 1995 when DCNB was purchased and merged into the banking family.

Our purpose in giving you this family history is to let you know that we not only understand banking, but the importance of family as well. We pride ourselves on being active in our communities, and strive to continue doing so for several years to come!